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Anxiety is uncomfortable

Anxiety often happens during the worst possible times, and can be quite difficult to get under control once it's gotten a hold of you.

For instance, have you ever been walking down the street, not a care in the world when suddenly you begin noticing an uncomfortable sensation in your body, or a stray thought, which comes to the forefront of your mind? You try to ignore this sensation or thought but your mind begins to focus in on whats going on in your mind and body, and within seconds your completely entrapped by the rapid and repetitive racing thoughts of what’s wrong with you, and why your feeling the way you are. You begin then to go down the rabbit hole of what if’s, as you try to figure out what caused the random thought or uncomfortable body sensation in the first place. As fear and panic are setting in, your body begins to show physical signs that begin to worry you even more as your heart-rate increases, you experience shortness of breathe, become dizzy and/or begin sweating. If you’ve experienced this scenario then you know the feeling of discomfort that anxiety provides all too well unfortunately.

Man sitting down with hand on face struggling with Anxiety

Anxiety takes many forms

Anxiety takes many forms and can be overwhelming. Whether you are experiencing general anxiety, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, or a specific phobia such as fear of flying or public speaking, living with an anxiety disorder can make you feel like a prisoner trapped in your own life.

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Therapy can help alleviate anxiety

Luckily, counseling can help alleviate anxiety disorders such as OCD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, trichotillomania and panic disorders. You don't have to feel stuck anymore! Together, I will help you discover the underlying causes of your anxiety, provide you with effective coping tools, and help you change the way you think and experience your anxiety, by utilizing a CBT approach and a behavioral technique called Exposure and Response Prevention. If you're ready to find the relief you deserve from your anxiety, eliminate those pesky racing thoughts, and gain the skills to be able to face your worries and fears head on through the strategies anxiety treatment can provide, then call today to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation.

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